4 Romanians tried for pimping in Bergen

Bergen District Court. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Four Romanians accused of pimping in Bergen

Two women and two men from Romania are accused of facilitating sex sales in Bergen. None of them is in Norway, but the prosecutor will have a trial anyway.


For over half a year in 2015, according to the accusation,  the four co-operated to pimp for more women in Bergen, writes Bergens Tidende.

The lawsuit against them will start in Bergen District Court on January 7 next year.

“It is uncertain whether they will meet. We will nevertheless request the case for treatment,” states public prosecutor Rudolf Christoffersen, who will be the prosecutor of the case.

The four were arrested at a campsite in Bergen in October 2015. The defendants are two men aged 32 and 24 and two women aged 25 and 38. Two of the defendants are siblings, and uncle and aunt to the other accused man (24) respectively. This man, in turn, is married to the other accused woman. Everyone denies punishment.

The planned trial is the fourth after the police in Bergen have acted against what they think is a Romanian network in Bergen.

“We believe the network has been behind much of the organized prostitution in the city. The last four defendants are part of that network,” states the prosecutor.

The defender of the 38-year-old woman, Miriam Kristine Grimstad, says her client does not acknowledge guilt, but she wants to meet in court.

“She is the mother of several young children, and it has been a great burden for both her and the children that the investigation has taken so long. She was released in 2016, and it took a very long time before the prosecution was taken out,” says Grimstad.

According to the police, other members of the same extended family are still present as beggars in Bergen.


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