Four out of ten people drowned using life vests incorrectly


Improper use of life jackets /life vests may have contributed to four out of ten deaths by drowning after boat accidents, according to a survey that the Havarikommisjonen is undertaking.


“When wearing a life jacket or a float, make sure that it is securely tightened and wear the straps,” says Pål Brennhovd, Sea inspector at Statens Havarikommisjon to NRK.

The Commission is mapping fatal accidents with a pleasure boats and it shows that about 30 people die in such accidents every year. With ten deaths so far in 2018, this trend seems to be continuing this year.

Six of the ten, did not use a life jacket or flotation device while the rest did.

“In some of the accidents where life jackets were used, we see that life jackets were not securely fastened. And the crotch strap, was not used. Thus, the flotation vest was not able to keep the person’s head over water,” says Brennhovd.


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