Four out of ten will continue to work after age 66

Workers. Photo:Pixabay

A new poll shows that 42 percent of the population wants to continue working after the age of 66 years, assuming they have a choice and their health is good enough. A survey by Ipsos MMI conducted for the newspaper Dagbladet shows.

Participants of the survey were asked “Assuming you can choose freely: At what age would you like to step completely out of the workplace.”

16 percent responded aged 17-61 years, 42 percent 62-65, 14 percent 66-67 years, 19 per cent 68-70 years and 9 percent aged 71-99 years.

– Economy and health largely determines how long people want to work, says senior Robert Salomon of Work Research to  the newspaper, adding that a good number of people will not get a good pension if they retire early.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today