Four times the Norwegian mobile data usage in the EU

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Four times as many Norwegian mobile customers used mobile data in the EU in June compared with April, after several companies removed the extra cost of private mobile data usage.

Both Telia and Telenor informed about a four fold increase of customers doing so-called roaming or mobile data usage in the EU in June, compared with April. Both companies removed extra costs in Europe in late April, after the government decided to include EU rules on net neutrality and international roaming in the EEA Agreement.

The scheme stipulates that mobile customers will retain their national rates for calls and data usage when they are traveling in the EU.

Before Wednesday the 15th of June next year, all other Norwegian mobile providers will do the same as Telenor and Telia.

Until then, the EU has put a cap on how much the mobile companies may require for additional cost. This will apply in Norway as soon as the agreement is in place.

According to the Consumer Council it is required that nobody can discriminate or block traffic on the Internet.

A guest fee that makes using your mobile abroad much more expensive than at home, and was introduced because companies pay one another for customers’ use of other networks was in place but the companies have picked up more charges than it costs them. Several operating companies are still making a lot of roaming money.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today