Frantzen Case: Search of Øvsttun Cemetery

Øvsttun Cemetery Frantzen BergenThe police started the excavation work in the search for Trine Frantzen at Øvsttun Cemetery in Bergen on Wednesday. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Tips in the Trine Frantzen case – search of Øvsttun Cemetery

The police have received previously unknown information in the Trine Frantzen case. Frantzen has been missing since 2004, presumed dead. Further searches will thus be made at the Øvsttun Cemetery in Bergen.

“Following the forensic investigations at the Øvsttun Cemetery in Bergen on May 15th and 16th, the police have been contacted by new witnesses who have provided us with concrete observations stemming from the pertinent period in 2004. This is information that not been known to the police before,” West Police District informs.

Concrete and detailed information

The information is so detailed and concrete that the police have decided to carry out additional manual searches of a specific location at the Øvsttun Cemetery.

The searches start on Monday, June 3rd at 9 am and end no later than Tuesday, June 4th at 3 pm.

“The current search area is still considered as a forensic site. It will be searched using manual labour. The digging will be done in this way to ensure that any possible evidence is preserved. It is not relevant to scan the specific area with geo-radar in advance,” the police reports.



The next of kin of Frantzen are informed

The site will, as with previous surveys, be covered up to hinder viewing from bystanders. The next of kin in the case, caretakers and burial authorities are informed about the work. They have given their consent.

“The media will be informed in the event of any findings. If it won’t affect the further investigation, that is,” the police emphasises.

The then 31-years-old Trine Frantzen disappeared from her home at Os in Hordaland in May 2004. The police haven’t succeeded either in finding out what happened to her – nor found her presumed bodily remains.

The Øvsttun Cemetery is close to the place where Frantzen was last seen. One theory is that the woman, who belonged to a drug environment, died from a drug overdose before being buried.

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