From January 1, all travelers to Norway will have to register in a government database

Monica MælandPhoto: Berit Roald / NTB

From January 1, everyone who wants to enter Norway will have to register their personal information in an infection control database created by the government.

The government is working to establish a digital system for registering travelers to Norway to improve infection control. 

According to the plan, the system will be used from January 1.

Everyone has to register

“Everyone who wants to come to Norway must register, among other things, their name, contact information, quarantine location, and any employer. 

“The main rule is that everyone, including Norwegian citizens, must register in this system,” Minister of Justice Monica Mæland said during the government’s press conference on Wednesday.

“It will be very important for the health sector when it comes to infection control and infection tracing work, but also for the police and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority in the work they have to follow up on violations of quarantine provisions,” the Minister of Justice accentuated.

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