Frp opens door to withdrawing support from Muslims who do not take out mortgages

Jon HelgheimJon Helgheim.Photo: Progress Party

‘’If someone becomes dependent on housing support because they have not taken a loan for religious reasons, then we must be able to withdraw it’’ said Jon Helgheim of Fremskrittsparti (Frp).

He made the statement to Klassekampen newspaper after it had become known that many Muslims do not take out bank loans because of the ban on interest in Islam.

Recent figures show that, especially, Norwegian Somalis in Oslo refrain from raising mortgages. About 15,000 immigrants from Somalia live in the capital, who according to the newspaper receive large sums in housing support.

Immigration policy spokesman at Frp, Jon Helgheim, believes the municipality of Oslo could save money.

“If someone chooses to stay in a situation where they become dependent on public benefits because they say no to loans for religious reasons, then we must consider cutting the support schemes” he said.

He is not as positive to various measures that are compatible with the interest rate ban, for example, where rent is going to pay off an interest-free loan.

‘’That people do not like to pay interest – it is not the public’s task to solve. We should not adapt to other cultures and religions when we set up public services.This causes integration to fail’’ said Helgheim.

He wants to discuss the measures that are now available.

‘’Should you use public funds to remove people’s interest costs? I think it is better to focus on low building costs, remove the property tax, and arrange for more houses to be built” said Helgheim.

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2 Comments on "Frp opens door to withdrawing support from Muslims who do not take out mortgages"

  1. Berhane Haile | 28. May 2019 at 08:03 |

    I say everyone living in Norway and receiving government support must follow Norwegian culture and laws. If someone says ‘I will not do this because it is against my culture’ He must leave Norway and go to his country. Living in Norway and trying to live according to the norms of your homeland’s culture and laws or traditions must absolutely be prohibited. Norwegians are becoming a little bit naive here. It is time to be alert and keep everyone in line. I know many Moslems who say Kafir to Norwegians while receiving their cash through social welfare. Norway must say NOK er NOK:

  2. Kunta 7nte | 2. June 2019 at 14:45 |

    Birhane haile u r like slave here in norway. Dogs likes the one who feeds them. U cannot judge others by thier religion. I know how eartreans become disgrace to africans in norway. U guys dont work, fuck and breed like rabit. Stop blaming somalis. We know how to survive by hook or crook. U can make norwegians happy by blaming somalis and muslims but keep in mind u r african too. No body likes u in norway. Police abuse u, court abuse u, nav abuse u 🇳🇴 abuse u. So bro dont blame blacks who hussle for survival in white western country. The are made to do so.

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