Frp wants refugees to sign a contract

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Quota refugees must sign a value contract if they want to get protection in Norway. It is one of Fremskrittsparti’s (Frp’s) proposals for tighter immigration policies. Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) agrees.

In the contract, the refugees must sign that they will respect freedom of expression, religious freedom, and raise children according to Norwegian standards. They must also accept that girls should have the right to choose a boyfriend and not experience negative social control reported NRK news.

If one of the points in the contract is broken, it may result in both loss of citizenship rights and residence. Frp wants the contract to be as concrete as possible so that it is measurable if the requirements are not met.

Deputy chairman of Frp, Sylvi Listhaug, believes that such a contract could provide a good starting point for the authorities to choose who should come to Norway.

‘’We already know today that there are people who say no to coming to Norway as quota refugees because they rather want to be in the country they are in or in the immediate area because there is the same religion, culture and life there as the way they want to live’’ she said.

Ap immigration policy spokesperson, Masud Gharahkhani, believes that a value contract is a good idea.

‘’It is important both to have a contract and that quota refugees take Norwegian courses before they come to Norway, and that they are informed about how gender equality in Norway is, and how working life takes place’’ he told NRK news.

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  1. So basically Norway wants the manpower for their dirty jobs through refugee population coming into their country, with signed contract that they shall not have any values of their own, but shall comply by their Masters values. Genius slavery – Americans did not figure out this back in the old days – Norwegians are one smart bunch.

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