FrP wants to rethink the justice policy

Per-Willy Amundsen FrP’s justice policy spokesman Per-Willy Amundsen.

FrP (Progress Party) warns of battle in the Storting over a number of issues in the judiciary where the party suffered defeat in government.

FrP occupied the Justice Minister post for six years. Now the party will have to fight again in several areas, writes Dagbladet.

“Although we have sat in government and governed the policy from day to day, there are major and serious issues and legislative changes where we have not had a breakthrough in the government or in the Storting afterwards, and where we now see that we can try again,” says FrP’s justice policy spokesman Per-Willy Amundsen to the newspaper.

The first case he highlights is the increase in the level of punishment for serious crime.

Other issues are the fight against child abuse, the fight against gang crime in Oslo and free income to the police districts.

“It is no secret that FrP would like to see more money for the police,” says Amundsen.

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  1. robert chadis | 4. February 2020 at 16:42 | Reply

    040220 To FrP…At top of my list of suggestions for improvement of Norwegian political policicies…
    A 35 woman from USA wife, for several years, of Norwegian man, has been unable to convince him to father a child. What is she to do? Unless laws are changed, she must leave Norway to have a child. In the meantime, the rules make such a man a tyrant, exploiting her desire to stay in Norway. Normally, if native Norwegian, she could divorce and marry a different man. I urge government to change the rules.

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