FSA warns against collecting mussels

MusselsMussels.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

There has been a sharp resurgence of algae that produces neurotoxin along the coast from Østfold and all the way up to Romsdal. This means that the mussels are potentially poisonous.

– People should not harvest and eat mussels now, Senior Inspector in Mattilsynet (FSA), Merete Hestdal, told NRK.

On Thursday, people along the west coast of Sweden were warned against harvested mussels. The reason is powerful resurgence of algae that produce neurotoxins.

– One must be careful, because this poison can accumulate in mussels, marine biologist Anna Dimming told Sweden Radio.

Senior Inspector Merete Hestdal FSA also warns Norwegians about eating mussels.

– Because there is a lot of this nerve poison accumulated in Swedish waters and currents will move it toward us, people should therefore avoid eating mussels from the coast from the border and all the way up to at least Møre og Romsdal, she says to NRK .

If you ingest toxic mussels, you will first experience a tingling and numbness in the tongue, lips and fingers – after .that you will have trouble breathing and swallowing.

This occurs within half an hour.

You may even need respiratory assistance. The Senior Inspector emphasizes that it is not possible to see or smell whether the mussels are poisonous, and it is no use to boil or freeze them. Mussels that are commercially available are checked and therefore not dangerous to eat.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today