Man has to pay Norwegian NOK 96.000 for being thrown off plane for being a nuisance

Norwegian DreamlinerNorwegian.Photo Norway Today Media.

A man has been sentenced to pay Norwegian NOK 96,000 in compensation after he made so much noise on a flight from Heathrow to Thailand that it had to land in Poland to drop him off.

Aftenposten writes about the man in his 50s who last January was a passenger on the Norwegian flight from Heathrow to Bangkok. While on board the plane, he was heavily intoxicated, made noise and threatened other passengers.

When the plane was flying over Ukraine, the  captain had enough, turned around and headed toward the airport in Warsaw.
There the intoxicated man got taken off the plane by armed and masked police officers, before the plane continued on to Thailand, several hours late.

In addition to the threats he was accused of violating aviation law because he did not follow the orders of the captain and other crew to keep quiet.

Now Asker and Bærum District Court has sentenced him to pay 95,978 kroner to Norwegian, which is the extra costs incurred as a result of the landing in Warsaw.

He was also sentenced to 21 days’ imprisonment and to pay the court costs of 2,000 kroner.

The accused man pleaded guilty. He testified that he did not remember anything of the flight itself, before police officers with machine guns took him off the plane in Warsaw.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today                ,