Full storm in the north, over 20 degrees in the south

Full Storm alerts Rough WeatherStormy weather on the coast. Photo: pixabay.com

In Nordland, Troms and Finnmark there is stormy weather several places today, Sunday, Dagbladet reports.

– It blows a lot . The wind will gradually move eastwards and slow down Sunday night, meteorologist Rune Skoglund at the Weather Service in Northern Norway told Dagbladet.

 Full storm

On Hekkingen Lighthouse, situated on an islet between Sommarøy and Senja in Troms, it was measured as much as 57 knots early Sunday.

– There have been stormy in some places in Troms and Finnmark. In Nordland there has been a small storm, says Skoglund.

Much rain

In addition to the strong winds, there has been heavy rainfall in the northern counties.

– In Troms and Finnmark there has been a lot of snow and hail showers, while in Nordland it is mostly sleet and rain showers, said the meteorologist.

The strong winds will continue throughout the day, but the worst of the weather is over. Sunday evening the wind decreases, Skoglund said.

 Police ask people to secure assets

The police in Salten has asked all contractors on construction and building sites in the area to secure assets, Avisa Nordland writes.

– Due to strong winds we ask entrepreneurs to look after their building projects. We have received tips that security fences around construction sites have been blown down and loose objects such as Styrofoam litters the environment. What is not properly secured on the building sites is blowing around, said Operations Manager Ina Selfors to Avisa Nordland.

 Traffic is affected

Several mountain passes are closed or have convoys as a result of the storm. A number of ferry routes are also not running, according to NPRA.

E6 is closed at three locations in northern Norway: Over Kvænangsfjellet, on the ferry route Bognes-Skarberget in Nordland and over Sennalandet in Finnmark.

The storm also caused problems for Hurtigruten. MS Kong Harald Sunday morning had trouble docking at Finnsnes in Troms. The ship was scheduled to dock at 11:00 am, but had to cancel due to the storm.

– It has been very bad weather in the north in the past day, and that they had the experience of King Harald today. They were on their way to the jetty when the wind suddenly turned and raised to 30 meters per second. It is borderline of what the captain believes is prudent when mooring to a jetty, Communication Manager Rune Thomas Ege of Hurtigruten, told Nordlys.

The ship therefore went further north to Tromsø. Hurtigruten is now working to find alternative transport for passengers who were aiting at Finnsnes, Nordlys writes.

– We’ll try to help passengers as best we can, Ege told the newspaper.

 Over 20 degrees in southern Norway

In southern Norway, the weather is something completely different. Several places have had up to 20 degrees Celsius Sunday afternoon.

In Skotselv and Vestfossen in Buskerud the thermometer was in the twenties Sunday afternoon. It is the first temperature measurements above 20 degrees this year , the meteorologists writes on Twitter.

– There are often large difference in the weather between north and south at this time of year, meteorologist Skoglund said.


Source: dagbladet.no / Norway Today