Fundraiser for clean water and climate

drinking waterDrinking water.Photo: Pixabay

Fundraiser for clean water and climate in Norway

On Tuesday, April 9, over 40,000 candidates for confirmation, armed with collection boxes, will be going door to door to raise funds for the Norwegian Church Aid’s annual pre-easter fundraiser. This year’s action is for the climate and clean water.

“Climate change means that more and more people are fleeing their own country, and youth worldwide are fighting for climate change. Now, Norwegian youth all over the country, who are candidates for confirmation, will collect money that makes it possible for the Norwegian Church Aid to be present with clean water in disasters,” the organization writes in a press release.

“The fundraiser provides an opportunity to turn engagement in the climate struggle into action. Many are already hard hit and several thousand are fleeing from flooding, drought, landslides and earthquakes in their own countries. Lack of drinking water takes lives every single day, and the Norwegian Church Aid is there with clean water and vital help,” says Secretary-General Dagfinn Høybråten in Norwegian Church Aid.

The pre-easter fasting action is Norway’s second largest fundraiser. Since 1985 collectors from all over the country have annually gone door to door. All in all, Norwegians have given over one billion crowns in support.

“Without the support of the Norwegian people, Norwegian Church Aid had not been able to operate the vital work that we do. Together, we help many of the world’s most vulnerable people to have the opportunity to work their way out of poverty, and to stand up in times of war and disasters,” says the Secretary-General.

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