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Garbage problem in Oslo still unresolved

GarbageOSLO.Garbage .Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix


The company that has taken over responsibility for garbage collection bins in Oslo is receiving fines for running behind schedule. In addition, the municipality are using their own vehicles.

The newspaper VG writes that the garbage company, Veireno, is behind schedule this week, and that 1,800 tons of garbage is still lying out in Oslo.
Early in October the company took over the tender for garbage collection, worth almost NOK 420 million. Three weeks ago the municipality claimed it was approaching normalcy.
In line with the contract, Veireno receives fines for missing pickup deadlines. The rates are at 1,000 per day for waste containers under 1,200 liters, and 6,000 per day when they exceed this limit. The municipality won’t comment on how many fines are now in process.
‘To ensure the continued contract implementation in a way that contributes to the supply being normalised, we do not want to disclose the amount’, says communications director Tone Dalen of the waste disposal department. She hopes, and believes, there will be improvement.
The agency are now using their own cars and crews, and send the bill to Veireno. The company’s own Jonny Enger believes they aren’t lagging behind.
‘The week should be seen as a whole. We were perhaps behind by Friday, but we are running this weekend and plan to come up to scratch’.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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