Gare du Nord evacuated during police pursuit

Express train X2000, Gare du NordIllustration, Express train X2000. Photo: Per Løchen

Evacuated Gare du Nord in Paris in pursuit of three men

French police evacuated late Monday night the train station Gare du Nord in Paris in pursuit of three men described as dangerous, according to local media.


No one are arrested in the three-hour long police action, which was triggered by the police receiving a tip. The station was evacuated from 23:00 on Monday. The police searched an incoming train from Valenciennes with 211 people on board, according to the newspaper Le Parisien.

French intelligence allegedly has been alerted by a co-operating country on Friday that three dangerous men were on their way to France.

The spokesperson for the Paris police, Johanna Prime Vert, say they took action to “remove doubts” and that it was not made arrests. She would not comment on what triggered the need to remove doubts.

Witnesses describe the action as dramatic, in which large armed police poured into the station, blocked off areas and shoveled people out to waiting buses.

Gare du Nord is one of Europe’s busiest railway stations with a throughput of about 700,000 passengers per day.

Both international and regional trains stop there. France still has a state of emergency in the wake of the terrorist attacks which since 2015 has claimed more than 230 lives.


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