Gays are bullied in school

Gays are bullied in schoolSchool.Photo

A survey among members of the Queer Youth, shows that four out of ten have been bullied in school for their sexual orientation. I’m not surprised by the figures,  researcher says.

378 former and current members of the Queer Youth responded to the survey, which was made in cooperation with FRI – The association of gender and sexuality diversity, writes VG.
– These are not surprising figures,  bullying researcher Gaute Auestad at the University of Stavanger says. He helped to create a larger report on sexual orientation and bullying in 2009.
– There is also a big difference between boys and girls, and boys are most at risk. Almost half  of the gay boys in junior high were bullied, says Auestad. He believes  the church allowing gay marriage can help in bringing about a change in the attitudes.
– I think this will be perceived as a sign of an  increasingly positive attitude to homosexuality in society. I think it will affect the attitudes and have a positive ripple effect in school and lead to less bullying.
Over half of those who responded that they were being bullied, said that the school did not know about or did not do anything about the problem. Leader of  Queer Youth, Eirik Rise, thinks the problem is lack of knowledge.
– Those who were bullied, called for the teachers to do something about the bullying and that they (the teachers) needed more knowledge and expertise to deal with the problems.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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