Genetically important wolf couple in Viken has litter of pups: “Very important”

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The wolf couple, which was stunned and then moved from Deisjøreviret in Østerdalen to Våler in Viken in January, has now had pups.

The reason for the move is that the wolf pair is considered genetically important and that the authorities wanted to avoid the couple being shot during the licensed hunt period.

The male wolf is, in fact, a cross between a Finnish and a Russian wolf and is thus important for reducing the problem of inbreeding in the Norwegian wolf population.

The Norwegian Environment Agency confirmed that the move has been successful and that the couple has had a litter of pups.

“We do not yet know anything about the size of the litter,” section leader Knut Morten Vangen in the Norwegian Environment Agency noted.

The Minister of the Environment is also satisfied and believes that the move of the wolf couple has been a success.

High level of inbreeding

“It is very important that wolves from Finland and Russia succeed in spreading their genes in the Scandinavian wolf population. The high degree of inbreeding is a serious threat to wolves in Norway and Sweden. 

“The purpose of caring for such individuals is precisely so that they can multiply. It is very gratifying that the wolf couple has now settled in the wolf zone and has pups,” Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn (V) said.

The Deisjø couple has settled in an area north of the E18 and east of Glomma, within the wolf zone. 

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