German couple woke to a boulder crashing into cabin

boulder crashing into cabinSpangereid.Boulder crashing into cabin.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

Several boulders loosened from the mountain side and crashed into a cabin in Spangereid in Lindesnes while two German tourists were asleep. They are now traveling home.


The incident occurred in Njerveveien at 01:30 am Sunday. A total of three huge boulders broke away and one of them broke through the wall of the holiday home.

– “A boulder weighs several tons has fallen onto a cabin. Two people were asleep at the time in the cabin and are unharmed. It may look as if the whole mountain side has broken apart,” the Agder police said.

The mountain wall is no more than about five meters from the cabin where the German couple Karsten Kuchharczyk (48) and Yvonne Kucharczyk (44) lay asleep. It was the landlord who lives in Spangereid, who called the emergency services and notified of the incident.

“They had a guardian angel watching over them,” says Operations Manager Lars Hyberg to NRK.

The married couple tells the Fædrelandsvennen that they came to Norway late Saturday night but that they are now returning home after a short fishing trip on Sunday morning.

– “Yes, this was so shocking that we were unable to enjoy our stay. But we’ve received so much help so we’ll be back. But then to a cabin that is not near a mountain,” says the couple.

Kuchharczyk tells them that they woke up to a fierce jolt and a lot of dust in the room, and could not comprehend what was going on. They then tried to orient themselves in the chaos, and a lot of woodwork had fallen on them.

“We thought the cabin was about to collapse, so we got out as fast as we could,” they say.

“We are deeply grateful for living. It’s the wonder of all wonders,” they add.


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