German tourist attacked by a polar bear in Svalbard


A 40 year old German man suffered moderate injuries when he was attacked by a polar bear on Sjuøyane northeast of Spitsbergen on Saturday. The polar bear was shot and killed.


The extent of injury is still unknown, but the man’s condition was referred to as stable after the incident. There was a male passenger from the cruise ship Bremen who was injured, states chief executive Ole Jakob Malmo from Governor’s office of Svalbard to NTB at 14.30. The injured is a German man in his 40’s reports NRK.

After the attack, the man was taken back aboard the ship and received treatment at the hospital center while waiting for a rescue helicopter to arrive in the area. The man was then flown to Longyearbyen and received treatment at the local hospital and will continue on to the mainland.

– The injured person is stable and is moderately injured. He was transported to the University Hospital Nord-Norge in Tromsø for further treatment, press officer Jørn Resvoll from the university hospital informed NRK.

The main rescue center in Northern Norway reported the incident at 10 am Saturday. The attack took place when tourists from the cruise ship were on an excursion to Parryøya, which is a part of the Sygo Islands in Svalbard. The details surrounding the incident are still unclear, and the police are not sure who fired the shots against the polar bear.

“We have personnel at the scene from the Governor’s office to investigate the incident,” says Malmo.


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