German whaling opponent sentenced to pay fine in Lofoten

WhaleWhale.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / SCANPIX .

A German man who drove zigzag with his boat between a whale and a whaling ship, was sentenced to pay a fine of NOK 6,000 in Lofoten district court.

The incident happened outside of Nusfjord in Lofoten last July, Lofotposten writes. The whaling ship Nystrand had come into shooting range of several whales when the speed boat suddenly appeared and drove in a zigzag pattern in front of them.

The driver of the boat was the man now convicted, but he also had another whaling opponent on board. The driver was charged a fine of 5,000 kroner, but refused to accept this and therefore had to meet in court.

In court, the man explained that the reason for the disturbance was not to prevent Nystrand from catching whales, but that it was meant to be a provocation and a way to play with the whale hunters. He further explained that he was the type of activist who wanted to observe whaling and get in touch with the whale hunters.

The court did not accept the man’s explanation and sentenced him to pay a fine of 6,000 kroner, as well as costs of NOK 1,500, according to Lofotposten.

– The defendant was found guilty of having prevented legal whaling. This had a direct impact on the income base of the affected person. In addition, his behavior was felt as troublesome and provocative, it was stated in the judgment.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today