Girl (8) caught a big salmon with just some licorice

Big salmonBig salmon.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX

An eight year old girl caught a five-kilo salmon from Gaula in South -Trondelag on on Tuesday. She had secured some candy on the hook.

The temptation was too great for the five-kilo giant when it saw the licorice piece that Guro Haugen (8) had fixed on her fishing hook.
It only took ten minutes from when the line was tossed until she got lucky – and a salmon laid wriggling on land, with both the hook and licorice in his mouth.

On Tuesday the father and daughter went fishing in Gaula, close to where they live on Kotsøy in South Trøndelag, writes the newspaper Adresseavisen.

– She wanted to dig for worms, but we didnt have time. I said it was enoughto fish  with only the lures, but she believed that the fish needed something sweet. We had brought some licorice for ourselves, and then she decided that she was going to try licorice on the hook, his father says Bjørn Ivar Haugen.

And the licorice worked entirely according to Guro’s plan, for shortly after she could haul the sweet tothed salmon up, with a little help from her dad.
The newspaper says the girl that is already looking forward to more fishing trips during the summer holidays and that she will continue to put licorice on the hook. And the next time she hopes for an even bigger catch.

– Next time I hope that I get a … blue whale, says the proud eight year old.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today