Girl cryogenically frozen despite her father’s refusal


A 14-year-old, British girl, who died of cancer, has been cryogenically frozen in hopes of getting new life in about 200 years’ time. The girl’s father opposed her wish, but only days before she died, it was upheld in a British court.

‘I will not die, but I know I’m going to. I want to live. I want this chance’, wrote the girl in a letter to the court after having been forced to seek legal help, reported The Telegraph newspaper.

Because the girl was not of legal age, the freezing demanded approval from both parents. The girl received the full support of her mother, but when she asked her father, who she has not seen since 2008, he said no.

Her case is unique because she is the only child among ten Britons who have been cryogenically frozen after death.

When the girl died, the British organization, Cryonics UK, prepared the body by replacing the blood with a liquid which does not solidify, whereupon they cooled down the body to minus 70 degrees before transportation to the United States.

There, it is stored upside down in a metal cistern in liquid held at a temperature of minus 196 degrees.

Today, companies offering the technique only exist in the United States and Russia. Cryogenic freezing costs 420,000 and upward.

There is no scientific evidence that cryogenics works as intended, but it is hoped that further research will make progress in the future.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today