Girls need only two HPV vaccines

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The number of doses of HPV vaccine is reduced from three to two in childhood immunization.

When the girls no longer get the third pin-prick, it can pave the way for the boys.

The reason for this change is that young people between 9 and 14 years have a very good immune response to two doses of HPV vaccine, according to a knowledge review made by the Institute for Public Health, writes the magazine for Nursing, Sykepleien.

This means that large sums will be saved, and that may lead to that boys will be offered the vaccine.

– Several studies show that the third dose is unnecessary for those between 9 and 14, confirms Sveinung Wergeland Sørbye, consultant in clinical pathology at the University Hospital of North Norway and an ardent champion of the HPV vaccine.

According to the Institute for Public Health adolescents between 9 and 14 years achieve as high concentrations of antibodies after two doses of HPV vaccine, as the over 15 ones does after three doses.

– Both in terms of cost and practical implementation, there is little difference in giving four doses spread over the two sexes than three doses to one sex only.

Visits in the classroom will be reduced from three to two, but it is still wise to be two nurses on each visit, says Wergeland Sørbye.

The HPV vaccine has in Norway been given to girls in the seventh grade since 2009. The vaccine protects against cervical cancer, but may also protect against other cancers that is caused by HPV, such as penile cancer and anal cancer.

The Institute has therefore recommended that boys should be offered the vaccine, but the Ministry of Health has not taken a stance on the matter yet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today