Giske’s cohabitant with criticism of Støre

Haddy Njie Giske Labour cohabitantNorwegian Artist, Haddy Njie. Photo: Private

Giske’s cohabitant, Njie, with criticism of Støre

The cohabitant of Trond Giske, the Norwegian artist Haddy Njie (N’jie), criticizes the Labour Party leaders’ handling of the warning cases against him. Støre answers that the cases are concluded by the party.


VG  has gained access to an email Njie on January 24 sent to party secretary Kjersti Stenseng, Jonas Gahr Støre and several other Labour Party members. The email was dispatched the day before Støre published Labour’s conclusion that Giske has violated their guidelines regarding sexual harassment.

– The process in the party has been as big a strain for Trond and me as the extreme and unilateral pressure from the press. The process has been unpredictable, random and unilateral to the absurd, with complete lack of respect of basic legal principles, Njie writes in the letter.

She directs the email at Støre and indicates that Giske has been on sick leave for a long time.

– You know you’ve created a process where there is a legal system outside the judicial system where Trond is deprived of basic legal rights, she writes.

Støre has concluded the matter

In an email to NTB, Støre answers that he understands the challenging time Trond Giske and his partner have been through after the Labour Party received warnings and that they have processed them internally.

– I have in many contexts provided detailed answers about the way in which the alerts have been processed, the assessment of questions regarding trust and that after having reviewed the cases in depth, we possesed the necessary information to be able to close them on January 25, the party leader writes.

– To the Labour Party, the final conclusion has been reached and the central committee has concurred. Other than that, I do not have any comments to the email Haddy Njie has sent to the party secretary, Støre concludes.

Haddy Njie has not responded to NTB’s inquiries. To VG, she says that the email was not intended for the public and that she does not wish to comment on the matter.

Giske contests three of the warning cases

Friday it became known that Trond Giske has sent a letter to Labours’ central committee where he provides his version of five complaints made against him. He disputes the content of three of them, but regrets his behaviour in the other two.

On the same day, former Youth Party member, Sunniva Andreassen, also stood up as one of the whistle blowers. In an interview on NRK, she informed about two events dating from 2008 and 2009, something Giske has apologized for, even though he claims not to remember the incidents. Giske was Minister for culture when the alleged incidents took place, Andreassen was local leader of the youth party in Tromsø. She states that she has left politics mainly due to this.


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