Gjerdrum landslide update: No new survivors found, search and rescue efforts continue

Gjerdrum landslidePhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

No survivors were found in the landslide area in Gjerdrum during the night. On Friday, a crisis team from Sweden will help investigate a home in the “red” zone of the landslide.

“We have not made any discoveries during the night, but we have monitored the ‘red’ zone and made a number of plans for the morning,” task leader Roy Alkvist told the press on Friday morning.

On Friday morning, ten people were still missing after the huge landslide that hit Ask in Gjerdrum Municipality on Wednesday night.

Stable area

The house that the emergency services will now enter is one of those that were moved in the avalanche. According to Alkvist, it is located in the lower part of what is referred to as the “red” zone.

“The infrastructure on the building is so intact that we can manage to get in,” he said.

On Thursday, rescue crews descended into the landslide area for the first time after risk reports indicated that it was safe

However, no missing people were found. On Friday, they will make a new attempt elsewhere in the landslide area.

“It is one of the better areas when it comes to stability,” regional manager Toril Hofshagen at the NVE noted.

Volatile weather

The weather has been very changeable in Gjerdrum lately, and it has snowed heavily occasionally. On Friday morning, there was a lot of precipitation at the landslide area.

There is still a danger of new landslides, which is a challenge for the ongoing rescue work. 

On Thursday, new houses fell into the landslide pit, and there is still a danger of more landslides.

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