Glaciers melting in the summer heat

Norwegian glaciers melting Jostedal warmer wintersMany Norwegian glaciers are melting rapidly. This is from the Birksdal glacier. Photo:

Norwegian glaciers are melting in the summer heat

Since last year, the Juvfonne Ice Drift in Jotunheimen has shrunk by about 20 metres. Several other glaciers have also shrunk more than normal due to the summer heat.


The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has this week started measurements of 10 glaciers and the Juvfonne Ice Drift to check exactly how much snow and ice that has disappeared in the heat of summer, NRK writes.

– We can see that Juvfonne has shrunk by about 20 metres since last year. There it was originally more snow than normal, so it was favourable conditions for keeping some of the snow, but that is not the case and we’re only halfway into the melting season, says Glacier Researcher, Liss Marie Andreassen.

NVE’s measurements take place at the same time each year to make it easy to compare from one year to the next.

– On the next three glaciers that I am going to measure in Jotunheimen, there is visibly less snow than normal as well. There we must expect that there has been an even greater amount of melting, Andreassen states.

The final result of how much the glaciers have shrunk comes when all measurements have been completed in September.


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