Goldsmith employee handcuffed under robbery

Robbery, Photo: Pixabay, HandcuffedGoldsmith robbery, Photo: Pixabay

Goldsmith employee handcuffed under robbery on Grønland in Oslo

An employee of a goldsmith in Greenland in Oslo was handcuffed and threatened with firearms when three men robbed the shop Monday morning.


– Two or three people came into the store. The person who worked there says to have been threatened at gunpoint and tied up before the perpetrators disappeared, says Operations Manager Torgeir Brenden to NRK.

Operations Manager Tor Grøttum tells VG that the employee was handcuffed by the robbers. After the robbers had disappeared and the emergency services arrived at the scene, the employee was transported for checkups by ambulance.

No one, however, was physically injured.

Three men were seen as they left the jeweler’s shop in Grønlandsleiret 6 after the robbery. Two of them, probably of Pakistani origin, were dressed in security guard uniforms, while the third man, who is described as an East African, was dressed in a white T-shirt.

Unknown yield

Grøttum tells NTB that they quickly began questioning of witnesses and the victim, but that it is too early to say how much the robbers got away with. The investigators also try to establish whether the robbery is captured by surveillance cameras in the area.

The Robbery happened around 11:15 on Monday, but it is not clear how long the robbers were inside the store. The police was notified half an hour later because the robbers had handcuffed the employee.

– Bystanders notified the police, and then we joined in. He is not seriously injured, says Torgeir Brenden to NRK.

The shop employee has told that he was threatened with a handgun during the robbery, but supposedly no shots have been fired.

Nokas uniforms

According to VG, the police announce that the robbers wore uniforms from the security company Nokas. Communication Manager in Nokas, Odd Mauritzen, can not confirm this. However, in relation to the currentcase, he emphasizes that the security company has strict procedures regarding logistics around the company’s uniforms.

– Yes, I can confirm that we have. Beyond that I do not want to comment on this matter further until we know more, says Mauritzen.


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