Good solution for transport of nuclear power station

Minister of Foreign Affairs congratulates new Government in MyanmarMinister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende ( Conservative Party )

Norway is pleased with Russia’s plans for the transport of a floating nuclear power plant along the coast of Norway in the summer of 2018. ‘These plans are in line with the Norwegian authorities’ request that safe transport can be ensured,’ Foreign Minister Børge Brende said.


Rosatom has confirmed that there will not be nuclear fuel on board when the plant is transported along the coast of Norway on its way from St Petersburg to Murmansk.

‘I am pleased that the Russian authorities and Rosatom have reached this decision. We have been following this matter closely and have worked hard to convey Norway’s views.

Our goal was to ensure that the safest possible solution would be chosen for the transport.

The fact that the plant will be transported without nuclear fuel on board and, from what we have learned, on a heavy-lift vessel rather than being towed, is in line with advice from Norwegian experts.

I am also pleased that the Russian authorities have decided not to transport nuclear fuel on the same vessel. The fuel will be loaded into the nuclear power plant once it has arrived in Murmansk, to avoid unnecessary risk during transport,’ said Mr Brende.

At the meeting of the joint Norwegian–Russian nuclear safety commissionin late June, Foreign Minister Brende made it clear that the Government was highly critical of existing plans to transport the nuclear power plant along the coast of Norway.

The Government was concerned because it was unclear both whether there would be nuclear fuel on board and if the plant was to be towed. If this had been the case, the risks would have been greater.

Source: / Norway Today