Good weather looks to await Kate and William

Sun and snowSun and snow

Currently, it appears that Duchess Kate, and Prince William, can experience Norwegian winter weather at its best, if only the wind doesn’t turn.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Norway on Thursday, the 1st of February, and have programs planned with the Norwegian royal family through Friday the 2nd of February.

Neither Duchess Kate, nor Prince William have been in Norway before, and both have a strong desire to see the lives of children, and young people, especially typical Norwegian outdoor activities.
Currently, the long-term forecast from the Meteorological Institute estimates with reasonable certainty that there will be no rain during the visit.

‘Most forecasts show little or no snow for the two days, but it’s a bit early to say anything for sure. Snow is coming at the weekend, and possibly until the visit.

Combined with colder weather, it could mean that the snow will stay and be fine
and white’, said State Meteorologist, Eldbjørg Moxnes, to NTB news.

Senior Adviser, Henrik Width, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is currently busy with planning the visit.

‘The weather is very good. I think all those involved would agree on it, especially if we could get some sun at Holmenkollen’, he said.

The solar conditions will depend on the wind’s direction.

‘Wind, and especially, the sun condition, it’s a bit early to say anything about it. We hope there won’t be a northeastern wind because that may mean cloudy weather,’ said Moxnes.

Moxnes reminded everyone who wants to follow the visit outdoors that it may also
get quite cold, so they should dress suitably, and bring good seating arrangements.