Government announces measures to integrate immigrants

Hvalstad transit centerAsker.Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug visit Hvalstad transit center. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug will improve the level of integration of immigrants by bringing immigrant homemaker women into the workforce and ensure that immigrant youth will get more primary education.

Solberg and Listhaug announced the measures during a visit at Hvalstad transit center for unaccompanied minors Wednesday. The measures, which is a new arrangement  in three parts of Job Opportunities(Jobbsjansen), will be included in the integration report.
– Our concern is to ensure that young people quickly will get  opportunities to get an education when they are settled in the municipalities,  Solberg says.
The first part is Job Opportunities for housewives. This is a pilot scheme which was introduced under the name Second Chance in 2005, which aims to provide immigrant women with practical guidance.
Part two is to provide funding for school owners offering more primary education to children in need. The aim is that more immigrant youth will finish their secondary education.
– I can imagine what it is like to be placed in a classroom without knowing any Norwegian and then to have follow the regular curriculum. I think it is wrong to do this to these young people. We want them to succeed, Listhaug says to news agency NTB.
The last part of Job Chances are experiments with longer program time for participants in the introduction program. The government will allow for more individual accommodation and adjustments to ensure that more people will get a good enough foundation to get a job or an education.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. What are the government measures for the skilled workers who lost their jobs and without getting any NAV benefit? It is terribly ridiculous that our tax has been used for integration of those refugees.!!!!

  2. mata pratap thapa | 5. May 2016 at 19:38 |

    If the government ll provide citizenship to master passed foreign student who have been living since more than 4 years.It will be the best action because those people student ll get to serve as a good worker in Norway.

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