The Government has broken every fifth promise

Prime Minister Erna Solberg broken promisesPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Survey: – The Government has broken every fifth promise

The Solberg Government has fulfilled 57 percent of the promises it gave in 2013. But 21 percent of the promises have been broken or not followed up, shows a new survey.


– Many of the promises have not been achieved. But the Government should be given credit because they have achieved a lot. It is after all a minority Government, says Tiina Ruohonen to NRK.

She leads the independent organization “Keeping their promise” which is behind the survey. They have gone through 776 promises given by the Government in the Sundvolden Declaration in 2013.

– Many of the promises have been voted down in the Parliament, but at the same time the Government also has made promises that they have not given priority to follow up, according to Ruohonen.

Foreign Ministry top of class

The organization has gone through the promises without classifying them according to degree of importance. It is the mostly in the agricultural sector promises have been broken. 35 percent of those promises have not been fulfilled, according to the survey.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services is next on the list with the most broken promises, with a share of 29 percent. The list of promises that have not been met is present in all ministries and is lowest in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Based on the survey, 14 percent of the promises are partially held, while 8 percent of them can not be verified.



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