Government crisis: Frp leaves the Government

Progress Party leader Siv JensenProgress Party leader Siv Jensen.Photo:Norway Today Media

Siv Jensen takes the Progress Party out of Government, but believes Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is still the right person to lead the country.

– “I led us into this Government, now I take us out of this Government. We simply are not getting through enough of FRP’s polices to make it worthwhile to incur more losses,” the FRP leader said at a press conference Monday.

It was the homecoming of a 29-year-old terrorist woman from Syria which made the party decide to leave.

– “We have always been willing to bring home innocent children. But we do not compromise with people who have voluntarily joined terrorist organizations and who are actively working to tear down the entire value base on which Norway is based. It made the cup overflow,” Jensen said.

“Therefore, as a whole, there is no longer any basis for the Progress Party to continue in Government,” she continued.

Want Solberg
Jensen still thinks that Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is the right person to govern the country. She herself will continue to lead the Progress Party in opposition.

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