The government is in favour of dual citizenship

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

The authorities hope in a couple of years to introduce dual citizenship in Norway,such as in the other Nordic countries and most countries in Europe.


“When we open up for dual citizenship, we ensure that Norwegian law follows developments in a more globalised world, with more and more connections to more countries,” said Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H),Minister of Knowledge and Integration.

With dual citizenship,it will be possible for Norwegians to retain their Norwegian passports, even if they become nationals of another country.

The same will apply to foreign citizens who wish to become Norwegian.

Hope in 2020

In order to implement this,Norway may in whole or in part terminate the Council of Europe Convention of the 6th of May 1963. It entailed losing citizenship if one gets a new one.

The legislative amendments may not enter into force until the termination of the Convention has taken effect, one year after the Council of Europe has received notification of Norway’s resignation.

This will also give management time to adapt to the new regulations.One is aiming for 1 January 2020, if adopted by parliament, the Ministry of Education announced to NTB news.

Equal treatment

Today there are several exceptions to the principle of citizenship.This has led to the fact that many foreign nationals applying for Norwegian citizenship have had dual citizenship, while Norwegian citizens who are nationals of another country have not had the same opportunity. With the new proposal,there will be a greater degree of equal treatment.

‘’The main rule of the day has a number of exceptions.Among other things,over half of those seeking Norwegian citizenship will retain their original citizenship.

The majority of applicants who have retained their former citizenship include Iraq, Afghanistan,Eritrea and Somalia.Now we ensure equal treatment,’’said Sanner without enlarging on the topic of there not being many Norwegians who are applying for citizenship in Iraq,Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia.

Norwegian citizens who have lost their Norwegian citizenship when they became citizens of another country could, with the Government’s proposal,get back their Norwegian citizenship in a simplified way.

Terrorism exceptions

In some cases it may be necessary to deprive, for example, those prosecuted for terrorist offences of Norwegian citizenship so that they can be expelled from Norway. That would not be possible without having dual citizenship.

“The possibility of depriving some people of citizenship can in some cases be crucial to safeguarding our security,” said the minister.


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