Government increases state support for abortion


The Norwegian government has increased funding for family planning, and safe abortion, by 85 million.
‘We believe that women have control over their own bodies, and not having children too early is an extremely important step in promoting women’s equality. So when one country cuts, we try to fill up the gap’, said Prime Minister, Erna Solberg to VG newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the Norwegian government strengthened investment in family planning and safe abortion by 85 million this year by comparison to 2016.

The funding came after pressure was applied by a broad front of Norwegian parties and organizations, which argued that Norway must step in to compensate for Donald Trump’s cuts in aid to women’s health.

In late January, the president reintroduced a ban on U.S. aid money being used for organizations that provide, or give information about abortion.

The Foreign Minister, Børge Brende, said Norway will send money through the channels that work best.

‘Norway has already put a billion toward women’s health. We will assess whether we should further strengthen this important area’, he said to VG newspaper.

On Tuesday, over 60 organizations signed a letter to Erna Solberg, asking Norway to increase support for organizations that seek to help women gain access to abortion.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today