The government did not get majority vote to confiscate passports from suspected terror fighters

Passports, dual citizenshipPassports.Photo: Norway Today Media

Both parties; the Right and Frp probably will not get the majority of Parliament behind the proposal that the Ministry of Justice should have the right to confiscate passports of suspected Norwegian foreign fighters without a court decision.


“The majority of Parliament says no to the proposal,” NRK reports.

The Labor Party believes the case is about basic principles of justice.

“Revoking Norwegian citizenship is very intrusive. It is a punishment and it is to be perceived as a punishment, and that is precisely why Sylvi Listhaug will not have the authority to decide who gets their citizenship revoked, it will be up to a Norwegian court,” says Stein Erik Lauvås, Deputy General of Assembly.

The Left also opposes the proposal to revoke both citizenship and passports of Norwegian citizens who choose to join terror groups abroad.

Both the United Kingdom and Denmark have introduced a system whereby they withhold the passports of suspect foreigner terror fighters. Frp strongly reacts to the opposition and believes it will create obstacles in trying to set the same type of system here in Norway.

“It seems that these terrorists’ legal rights are more important than the nation’s security,” said Frp’s immigration policy spokesman Jon Helgheim to the NRK.

The proposal to restrict freedom of movement for suspected citizens who are terror warriors has been on the agenda of Parliament for several years. Both Frps Solveig Horne and fellow party member and former Justice Minister Anders Anundsen have addressed this earlier.

In spring of last year, the Justice Committee, which consisted of representatives from the Right, AP, Frp, KrF and Sp, agreed to submit a proposal for a new passport law, where the authorities are given the right to confiscate travel documents to suspected Norwegian terror warriors.


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