Government considers recording all air passengers

Justice Minister Anders AnundsenJustice Minister Anders Anundsen .Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Minister for Justice Anders Anundsen is considering to allow Norway joining a European register for airline passengers, or create their own.

The new EU registry will contain names, passport details, itinerary, seat number and credit card information. It also includes information on how the ticket was paid, contact information for the traveler, and information about any luggage.
-Norway has not yet taken a position regarding the establishment of a PNR system for Norway, but when our closest partners in both the EU and the United States have partially or are partly going to introduce it, it is natural for Norway to evaluate this quickly, writes Anundsen in an email to VG after Thursday’s EU meeting in Luxembourg.
The minister attended the ministerial meeting which finally decided to establish Passenger Name Record (PNR). The directive obliges airlines to share information with the authorities on all passengers traveling to or from EU airports.
Bjørn Erik Thon in the Data and Information Inspectorate, Datatilsynet, is in serious doubt over whether the scale is relative to the usefulness in collecting personal information.
– The only reason why you would be registered here, is that you are going to travel by plane. This is a larger intervention against our privacy than going after those the authorities would have a spotlight on. They must prove that it will have an effect and is a real tool in the fight against terrorism, but this is difficult to spot says Thon .


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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