Government says it’s very important that enough people live in Northern Norway

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The government says it is crucial for Norway’s security policy that people live in Northern Norway. The new report on the High North focuses on housing and entrepreneurial funds for young people.

On Friday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) and seven other ministers presented the government’s new High North report.

Solberg emphasized that it is strategically and economically important for the whole of Norway that Northern Norway has a vibrant local community and that people live in the area.

“In the north, domestic policy and foreign policy are two sides of the same coin. 

“People in the north are our most valuable security policy investment,” Solberg said.

New investment fund

Among the specific initiatives and announcements, the most prominent is the establishment of a new investment fund with state and private capital that will be managed from Northern Norway.

The government will also allocate NOK 4 million over three years to a fund for young entrepreneurs that focuses in particular on projects that link research and value creation.

A youth panel with 50 members has contributed to the report. 

They also wrote a separate message that emphasizes the importance of good opportunities to get an education, housing, and start businesses, as well as good cultural and public transport services in the region.

It has been nine years since the last High North report was presented. 

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