The government set to fight the illegal tobacco trade


The Government believes smuggling and illegal tobacco sales finance crime and has promoted two new bills against illegal smuggling.


Minister of Senior and Public Health Åse Michaelsen (Frp) says smuggling and illegal tobacco sales help to increase tobacco consumption and thus adversely affects public health.

The Government has therefore sent two proposals to Parliament, both regarding ratification of international protocols and proposals for national legislative changes. In 2013, Norway signed the protocol to contribute to the fight against illegal tobacco trade. So far, 35 parties have joined the protocol, including the EU. However, the protocol will not come into force until 40 countries have ratified it.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services has proposed amendments to the protocol. The changes include a licensing scheme for the production, import and export of tobacco, as well as a new system for tracing tobacco products. In addition, the Ministry wishes a new safety marking to prevent counterfeit tobacco products.


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