Government to refuse prisoners on parole a passport

Passports, dual citizenshipPassports.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Government has proposed to parliament that those who are released on parole from Norwegian prisons should not be issued a passport.

‘’This means, for example, that people who are convicted of pedophilia will not get the opportunity to get a passport when they are out on parole’’ said Justice Minister, Jøran Kallmyr of Fremskrittsparti (FRP) to TV 2 news.

The proposal would mean that those on probation cannot leave the Schengen area.

“For example, pedophiles who have been given parole may not travel to the Philippines, Thailand or African countries, where there may be a great risk that they will commit child abuse” he said.

The channel has, on several occasions, reported about sexually abusive Norwegians who travel abroad to commit sexual crimes against children.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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