The government wants to find homes for minors faster

asylum seekers sent outAsylum seekers.Photo:

The government has decided that single asylum seekers who are minors, with limited permission to stay pending documented identity, will be settled faster in a municipality.

– Several reports and staff in the reception centres have reported serious situations for many children.

– Our first step is to settle asylum children who will remain in Norway anyway far faster, says acting Immigration and Integration Minister, Per Sandberg (Progress Party).

The measure will apply to approximately 400 children living in asylum receptions with limited permission due to lack of documented identification.

– We get started quickly so that these children get a better everyday life, according to the Minister.

Sandberg is aware that asylum policy is set and that it is not an option to settle single minors who are not entitled to protection.

– The strict asylum policy that has ensured the lowest asylum flow for about 20 years is set.

– We will have control over immigration. Minors who are not entitled to protection will not be resettled and shall return home when they are 18, says Sandberg.


Today there are two groups of asylum children who receive limited permits to stay. One group is single minors who are not entitled to protection but can not travel home because they have no known caregivers.

These get a limited permit and will go home when they become of age. The other group are children who are entitled to protection but have no documented identity.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today