The government will change passports for children at risk of being sent to Koran Schools

Passports, dual citizenshipPassports.Photo: Norway Today Media

Confiscation of passports is one of the measures the government is considering after troubling stories from young people who have been sent to Koran schools and were subjected to mis-treatment.


“If there is a reason to be afraid that families plan to take their children out of the country and send them to Koran schools of this type, then we need to consider the possibility of changing the passport to the child,” said Minister for Integration and Immigration, Sylvi Listhaug ( FRP).

Details of how this can be done will be discussed and investigated in the next two weeks.

The measure came to the table during a mini-government conference that Listhaug called in after youngsters who have been to Koran Schools in Somalia told troubling stories of abuse to NRK Wednesday. Seven ministers and one state secretary from eight ministries attended the meeting.

The youth have told how they were tricked into going to Somalia by relatives and then left at a Koran school that they claim used cruel physical punishment methods.

One of them told how the shackles and chains were attached to their ankles, another about how he was beaten with logs until he fell unconscious.


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