The government will deport Somali refugees

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

1,600 Somalis who had residence permit in Norway, are at risk of their refugee status being revoked deported to Somalia.

120 Somalis have already received notice from the Immigration department (UDI) that their residence permit can be revoked after the government instructed the immigration department about it, NRK news  reported.

Among those who risk being deported to, are many families with children and unaccompanied minors.

It is the first time the authorities plan to withdraw valid residence permits of people living in Norway.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug has said that the reason for the instructions to UDI is that in this regard, they haven’t obtained a final residence permit in Norway, while at same time the situation in Somalia has returned to normal.

A Koranic teacher who requested anonymity, said his life would be in danger in Somalia, and Bashe Musa in the Somali network is very much shaken.

– This is terrible and affects many families with children. Otherwise we know that the security in Mogadishu is inadequate says Musa.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


9 Comments on "The government will deport Somali refugees"

  1. Very good decision.
    Should have done earlier – deport them all to bring back the golden days of Norway.

  2. The Somali citizens of Europe will put funds together and sue Norway for this racist approach to deporting Somali citizens to Somalia given that Somalia is still regarded as a war zone. Under International law Norway has legal obligation to look after the refugees on its country. The fact that these individual have had their permanent residents revoked to face deportation is something illegal under the international law concerning Geneva convention which Norway is a signatory.

  3. Panyat !

    There is no real danger, if you can take holidays there !

  4. What holiday? Norway will face legal action if it dares to return Somalis back to Mogadishu. This illegal and racist policy must be stopped and Norway has lost its credibility in Europe for this illegal move. We Somalis will shame Norway and make sure it never gets any business deals with Somalia in the future.

  5. There must be a very good reason for the Somalis to be deported….Could it be all of the crime?

  6. Omar Guled
    Hum, you can drop the calling this racist. The fact is more and more whites (or any other group) are tired of the racist card being played. The tided is turning and time for migrants to start going home…

    • I have seen Somalis on the roads of Norway.They roam around, shout and spit, smoke and spit, quarrel in loud voices among themselves, and again spit on roads, they steal things and do other criminal activities, make the place dirty by spitting, throwing cigarette ends, and other things on everywhere, and probably they don’t take bath – so there body-odour says….
      I have seen all these things in my own eye – so I don’t care what a fucking Somali says to defend themselves…. they should be kicked back to Somalia to fuck their motherland only as they don’t have any right to fuck others…

  7. Bruce Griffin | 29. January 2017 at 00:04 |

    Death to all somali muslim trash.

  8. I’m British and I’m tired of them,one kid stole my equipment in the gym from Somalia.the parents are irresponsible shits they have 6 or 7 and they behave like rats and their mothers just laugh.My view is deport anyone who is Somali who commits a crime and that’s it and revoke their citizenship if necessary.if you take refugees in its because you want to protect the innocent you don’t show disrespect by stealing and murdering and all other shit they do.there are exceptions of course but let’s weed out the vermin let them die in their home.i have no problem with immigrants most work and that’s not a problem.

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