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The government wants police certificates to be required for eldercare workers

The Government will require the police certificate in elderly careBård Hoksrud.Progress Party. Photo


The government wants to instruct the municipalities to require police certificates of all the new employees in elderly care.

The proposal will be presented  in a cabined meeting on Friday, the newspaper VG reports.
Bård Hoksrud, political spokesperson of senior issues in FRP, believes it is important that the local authorities are now required to demand  police certificates of  all their new employees.
– This means it won’t be up to each municipality to decide whether to require this, but instead something that each municipality has to require. This way we make sure that care staff with a prior criminal record  won’t be able to apply for a job in a municipality that does not require a police certificate, Hoksrud  says to VG.
The positions where a police certificate is currently  required  includes jobs such as nursery staff, police, prison officers, UN soldiers, child welfare staff, teachers, locksmiths and people in the voluntary sector who work with children.
Now it’s time for the same requirements to apply to all the employees in elderly care,  Hoksrud believes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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