Grande unfit to be the leader of the Liberals

Trine Skei Grande LiberalsMinister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande (Liberals). Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Trine S. Grande unsuited to be the leader of the Liberals

43 former list leader of the Norwegian Liberal Party (Venstre) replies that Trine Skei Grande is not very suitable as the Party Leader. This according to a survey conducted by NRK. She is, however, supported by the majority of the respondents.

Of the 290 list tops of the 2015 local elections, 183 responded to the SMS survey. This corresponds to 63 per cent, the Norwegian National Broadcaster reports.

101 of the former list tops replies that Grande is «very suitable» or «well suited» as the Party Leader. 37 persons state that they are neutral. The remaining 43 believes that she is «unsuitable» or «very unsuitable».

One of the latter is Per Øyvind Grimsby, who was – and is – the list top in Sirdal in Agder.

“I believe that Trine Skei Grande does not appear as the unifying leader we are now in dire need of. We are Norway’s oldest political party, and we are experiencing dramatically bad polls at the moment. We cannot live with that. We need a leader who unites the party and lifts it up so that we reach the level we should be at. ie far above the barrier limit,” Grimsby states in NRK’s «Political Quarter» on Wednesday morning.

Must improve

Trine Skei Grande herself describes the results as «uplifting».

“After the storm that has raged recently, I was a little uplifted when I saw them. I felt the same way at the National Board meeting this weekend – that I received very much support by the party for the job being done,” she tells NRK.

She is happy that some (6 per cent) answers that they have gained a more positive impression of her as the Liberal party leader in the last six months.

I take that as a big compliment. Then, I have to work to be even better, so that even more people want to tick off that checkbox, Grande continues.

Leader debate at the National Convention

Grimsby, for his part, believes that the party leader appears not humble enough in her assessment of the survey. Although Grande is not up for election at the National Convention of the Liberals in March, he believes it would be wise to debate the leadership sooner rather than later.

“I believe that it is much better to have a debate about the Leader role now, instead of waiting until 2020. We must dare to stand up for our opinions, it is healthy for the Liberals. It is after all known to allow for dissenting opinions to be aired. It is most certainly a topic that will be discussed at the National Convention in March,” Grimsby asserts.

She should, in any case, consider her position in the party, Grimsby believes. He emphasises that he finds that Grande» is an incredibly talented politician.»

Steady on deck

The top candidate in Trøndelag, Tove Eivindsen, sees no need for a leadership debate at present.

“I believe that this is completely unnecessary. It’s an election year. We’ve started the long election campaign and re-elected Trine a short while ago. We must stand up for the choices we have made. There is no captain who wins a battle alone. We need a full team, and we must become that team,” Eivindsen states. She highlights a number of political breakthroughs the Liberals have achieved.

The Political Commentator in Adresseavisen, Tone Sofie Aglen, believes that the party leadership should be concerned by that so many are dissatisfied with Grande. She believes, however, that the rumour of Grande’s fall from grace is significantly exaggerated.

“I believe she is steadier on her feet in the Liberal party than the impression left by the media. Many are joining forces around her. There is, furthermore, no unifying candidate who is ready to take over the plight,” Aglen concludes.

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