Grass fires and flood hazard in the north

Frende Forsikring, fire hazard grass firesFire Hazard . Photo: Frende Forsikring

Both grass fires and flood hazard in the north of Norway

There have been four heather and grass fires in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark in the last 24 hours. At the same time there are issued flood warnings for all municipalities in Troms.


In a meeting on Friday morning, it becomes clear which municipalities get further upgraded flood warnings, writes Nordlys.

The reason for the flood hazard is that the spring finally reaches northern Norway, and there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, reports the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Wednesday there was measured above 20 degrees in many places in Northern Norway. The warmest was recorded in Tjøtta in Nordland with 24.1 degrees Celsius, according to

– This will lead to rising water levels and flooding in many rivers, says hydrologist Péter Borsányi. He is Duty Officer at the flood alert centre in Norsk Vassdrag og Energi Direktorat (NVE).

– Last time we had larger snow-melting flooding in the north was in 2010 and 2013, and those are the floods we have in mind when we assess the flood risk in the region, he continues.

Land-, mud- and snow slides

When we approach the weekend, there is danger of mud- and land- slides in the north. The avalanche warning service is closed for the season. With continued snowing and increasing heat, the danger of avalanches in the north is nevertheless increasing.

According to NRK, there were three minor grass fires in Vadsø, Mosjøen and Fauske on Wednesday. In Tromsdalen there was a heather fire.

– Although it has been a fairly late spring in the north, it turns out that it is very dry in some areas, especially in southern facing hill sides where the sun is heating the ground, says Johnny Magne Nilsen at the Tromsø fire station.


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