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Great danger of a cloudy New Year’s Eve

New Year's EveNew Year's Eve

So far, it seems that many places in the country will struggle to see New Year’s fireworks in all their glory but it’s not the final word, yet according to the meteorologist.

The weather after Christmas til New Year’s eve is characterized by a high-pressure system that gives good weather and lots of sun to southern Norway.

“But that can change on Saturday when a strong low pressure system comes in from the Atlantic,” says meteorologist Martin Granerød from the Meteorological Institute to NTB.

Lots of wind this weekend

– “Already on Friday, a small storm will be blowing up in certain places in Western Norway. This system will be moving slowly but surely north, and it is Nordland that will notice it most,” says Granerød.

From Friday, the temperature will rise again in southern Norway and in the areas up to and including Nordland. In southern Norway, the snowfall range can move up to 700 to 1,000 meters. The highest temperatures will come either Sunday or early Monday.

In Nordland, rain is expected this weekend. Troms and Finnmark will get snow in the inner regions, but maybe some snow on the coast for periods.

Partly cloudy weather
Towards the transition to the new year 2020, mild air currents will enter southern Norway.

– “Østafjells will have above freezing temperatures in the lowlands and cloudy to partly cloudy,” says the meteorologist.

In southern Norway there will also be above freezing temperatures and perhaps be more cloudy, which also applies to western Norway. Trøndelag also receives a lot of cloudy weather for New Year’s Eve.

Promise to hope

– “Partly cloudy from Nordland and northwards. But it is permissible to hope for clear weather,” the meteorologist says.

In terms of temperature, it will get cold further north.

Meteorologist Martin Granerød recalls that the warning for as far ahead of time as New Year’s Eve can change as that day approaches.

– “There are many who may get clouds and rain, but the last word about the New Year’s weather has not been said,” he emphasizes.

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