Great response from the Alarm phone for children and young people

childrenChildren: Frank May / NTB scanpix

The alarm phone for children and adolescents has experienced a major increase after they expanded with a 24-hour service through Easter.

According to department head Margrethe Østerhus, the service has seen an increase from an average of 19 calls per day in March to 39 calls in April.

– “We also see that the topics that come in are related to the Coronavirus quarantine. The family is close to each other, the level of conflict increases, and intoxication is often a theme,” says Østerhus to NRK.

So far in April, the Alarm Phone has had over 400 cases over the phone, as well as over 400 calls on the new 24-hour online chat service that opened on Tuesday.

Østerhus says that many of the users want to remain anonymous, and that a large proportion of children contact them at night.

– “There may be many reasons for that, but it is often because the children are alone, and no one is around to hear or see them,” she says.

The alarm phone for children can be used, both by children and adults, around the clock. It can be reached at number 116 111, both by phone and by text message.

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