Greater hope for bigger salmon when salmon season begins

Salmon fishing on the Gaula in Sør-TrøndelagTRONDHEIM.Salmon fishing on the Gaula in Sør-Trøndelag.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX .

When the most ardent 70000-80000 of the country’s salmon fishers finally get to throw the line again on Wednesday morning, it is with cautious hope for more large salmon than last year.

At midnight on June 1 is the start of this year’s salmon season in most of the country’s 450 salmon rivers.
– The fish are most inclined to be taken when they are new to the river. Traditionally, it is the biggest fish that comes first in the river. That is why the chances, when it is first caught in June, bigger that the grom salmon comes, says project leader Pål Mugass in the Norwegian Salmon Students which is an industry organization with licensees in almost 80 salom watercourses vassdrag.

The 2013 salmon
According to Mugaas, it is with caution people have optimism that by the yearly salmon start, it will be possible to take bigger salmon.

– Last year was a good year for the medium salmon in many places. The year before was a good year for small salmon. We hope for a good big salmon year this year, at least in Rogaland, Nord-Trøndelag, and Finmark. Maybe also in Southern Norway, says Mugaas.

Norwegian Salmon Students connect this optimism to the aquaculture industry having good control on the salmon lice through extraordinary measures, in 2013.

– We hope that there will be big salmon from 2013 who will come from the sea this year, but we are a bit unsure about Sør-Trøndelag. Here all the smolt must go through Trondheim fjord and through areas with many lice. Here the catches has been a bit worse these last two years, says Mugaas to the news agency NTB.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today