75 days for gross chats with imposter

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Man (56) to serve 75 days for gross chats with an imposter

A 56-years-old man from Hordaland is sentenced to 75 days in prison for having gross chats with what he thought was a 14-year-old female teenager.

The man came into the spotlight of the investigators, when he appeared as one of the contacts of a 37-years-old in the “Dark Room” complex, reports NRK.

The 37-years-old was finally sentenced to one year’s imprisonment in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The 56-years-old was among his chat contacts and chatted with an imposter who pretended to be a 14-years-old female.

The police have not confirmed this imposter’s identity, but the Bergen District Court does not believe in the man’s explanation. According to him, he was aware that she was older than 14-years-old.

Sexually Abused

The contact with the girl lasted for five years. During that time, she told the man that she had been sexually abused. It did not stop him from chatting about rape and incest. The man also, via webcam, was watching as she masturbated and had sex with others. This was, naturally, pre-recorded material possessed by the investigators.

«He expresses positive views that she has sex with her father and uncle, chats about the abuses and encourages her to have sexual intercourse with her grandfather and with a dog», the verdict of the District Court reads.

The man admitted to the gross chats but denied culpability. The Court, nonetheless, adhered to the prosecutor’s claim of 75 days in prison.

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