Group of friends attacked and robbed in Oslo

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Three women in their 20s were attacked and robbed in Grønland in Oslo on Friday night. Two men have been arrested.


Police were notified at 03.43. A woman called in and said that she and her friends had been robbed by three men.
‘The women were beaten and deprived of their mobile phones before the men ran away,’ said operations manager,Christian Krohn Engeseth of Oslo police district to NTB news.

The police were quickly on-site, and reviewed video from surveillance cameras in the area. Two people who matched the description of the criminals were caught at the bus terminal, and then arrested and charged with robbery. Police are still looking for a third perpetrator.

One of the women was driven to the emergency room for a check-up after the robbery.

‘She had been thrown to the ground and hit her head on a brick edge,’ said Engeseth.

According to the police, that woman took the hardest punishment, but one of her friends was also attacked.

‘We look at this as a serious robbery. No weapon was used, but violence was used to commit the robbery, and that in itself is a serious act.


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